From big bands to small combos, explore a collection of videos to inspire, entertain and educate the many nuances of jazz!

Making Jazz

A Jazz Community

Something unique happens over the course of the four rehearsals of the UW High School Honors Jazz Band.…
Eau Claire Jazz Festival

A Sound for Sore Ears

The legendary Jimmy Heath performs an original at the 50th annual Eau Claire Jazz Festival. Jimmy and the…
Eau Claire Jazz Festival

Anyone Can Improvise

Greg Keel presented at the 2016 Eau Claire Jazz Festival.
Eau Claire Jazz Festival

Empowering Women in the Jazz World

Lauren Sevian gave this presentation at the 2016 Eau Claire Jazz Festival.
Sun Prairie Jazz Festival

Band Director Academy: Improvisation

Nationally renowned jazz educator Reggie Thomas led this session with Wisconsin band directors discussing improvisation techniques. This session…