Are you looking for a way to incorporate Black History Month into your music classroom? Well look no further! Here are just a few resources curated by the National Educational Association.


  • Musical Harlem
    Students in grades K-4 listen to jazz audio clips to learn to identify styles and musicians associated with the Harlem Renaissance.
  • Jazz Music, Dance, and Poetry
    Students in grades K-4 are introduced to jazz dance and jazz music, explore basic jazz dance movements, and create a cinquain poem inspired by jazz.
  • Smithsonian Jazz Mixer
    Students in grades K-12 can explore a jazz timeline, world map, and a virtual mixer that lets them listen and observe the elements of jazz.

Middle School

  • Jazz: A Film by Ken Burns
    Online activities and biographies, transcripts of many interviews with musicians, K-12 lesson plans, and a music study guide for grades 5-8.
  • Jazz in Time
    Students in grades 5-12 can read this interactive timeline about the development of jazz (about 30 minutes) and listen to imbedded audio clips.
  • The History of Hip-Hop
    A collection of interviews from National Public Radio (NPR) that chronicle the seminal people and events in the hip-hop movement.

High School

  • Rhythm & Improv: Jazz & Poetry
    Students in grades 9-12 analyze jazz music, considering sound, rhythm, and improvisation in order to identify jazz characteristics in poems by Yusef Komunyakaa, Sonia Sanchez, and Langston Hughes. They will then incorporate the elements in their own poetry.